Track C
Immunotherapeutics and Therapeutic antibodies

Courses are taught by a multidisciplinary team of speakers (physicians, pharmacists, veterinarians and scientists) from the university François-Rabelais Tours , the CNRS and INRA as well as partners from the Labex Mabimprove.

Teaching mainly deals with the set up of therapeutic antibodies, their immunopharmacology and with immunotherapies. This track provides students with theoretical knowledge in infectious diseases, immunology and clinical development. Good laboratory practices, ethics and patent filing are also taught.

Semester 9 program

The first semester is composed of theoretical courses and lectures.

Shared modules

Modules specific to track C Immunotherapeutics and Therapeutics antibodies


  • Critical analysis of a scientific article /40
  • Written exam for courses common to all tracks /40
  • 2 oral presentations (Recombinant antibodies, Immune response) / 20 per presentation
  • Written exam for track-specific courses / 60

Semester 10 program

The second semester consists of a full-time practical training in a research laboratory or in an industry. This training will give students the opportunity to evaluate the capacity to adapt to a very demanding field where development depends on the efficiency of every production and control participant. Training is then evaluated through a written report and an oral defence, covered by confidential agreements if necessary.


  • Written report /40
  • Oral defence /40
  • Answers to questions /80
  • Supervisor evalution /20