Track A
Molecular and Cellular bases of Infectious diseases

Courses are taught by a multidisciplinary team of speakers (physicians, pharmacists, veterinarians and scientists) from the university François-Rabelais Tours and INRA as well as scholars or guest lecturers at the cutting-edge of their field of research.

The aim of this track is to offer students a broad opening on experimental approachs, from the understanding of concepts to the set up of an experiment plan. The diversity of teams involved help student address a wide range of scientific areas within a multi-disciplinary curriculum.

Semester 9 program

The first semester is composed of theoretical courses and lectures.

Shared modules

Modules specific to track A Molecular and Cellular bases of Infectious diseases


  • Critical analysis of a scientific article /40
  • Written exam for courses common to all tracks /40
  • 3 oral presentations (Host-pathogen interactions, Immune response, Molecular mechanisms of virulence) / 20 per presentation
  • Written exam for track-specific courses / 40

Semester 10 program

The second semester consists of a full-time practical training in a research laboratory. This training will give students the opportunity to put to work the knowledge acquired during the previous semesters and develop a research project within a well-established research group. If student wishes, the training can take place in a foreign laboratory. Training is then evaluated through a written report and an oral defence. 


  • Written report /40
  • Oral defence /40
  • Answers to questions /80
  • Supervisor evalution /20